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LinkedIn has changed how we do business and network. On one hand, LinkedIn has made it simpler for us to reach out to people. That’s the easy part. But without the right tools, LinkedIn can be a brick wall when it comes to actually achieving what you want.

For the 760 million people on LinkedIn, that means growing your business, and building solid relationships that lead to more sales and referrals. That can only happen if you know how to build a professional LinkedIn profile that not only gets you noticed, but also makes you stand out and inspire others.

Chances are pretty good that you receive emails every week from LinkedIn saying you appeared in a number of searches. Great, but how many of those members reached out to you? And how successful are YOU at connecting with those people on a meaningful level or maintaining a relationship?


Creating a well-crafted LinkedIn profile that stands out, resonates, and shines, is a whole different story!

LinkedIn is one of the greatest resources of business professionals in the world AND one of the most competitive.

A whopping 78% of marketers see LinkedIn as a very good source of leads, with 43% saying they have found at least one customer from LinkedIn. For B2B marketers, that number soars to 80%. When it comes to discovering leads, LinkedIn is also the most trusted; trouncing Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s say someone does actually find your LinkedIn profile. You’ve only got seven seconds to make that crucial first impression that you are professional, trustworthy, competent, likeable, and confident. By the time they’ve taken two breaths, a potential client, prospect, or connection has made up their mind about you.

Spark: Igniting A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed is my comprehensive, seven-module course that does just that.


I can help you create a LinkedIn profile that gets you the results you need

Hi, I’m Janice Porter, a Relationship Marketing Specialist and LinkedIn Trainer who will help you craft a LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed, and teaches you how to inspire, engage and connect on the most important social media platform on the planet.

As a seasoned training specialist, I focus on how to authentically build relationships, communicate effectively and teach networking skills. Teaching and training is really my passion. I am committed to showing others how to grow their businesses; and training them to build and sustain solid relationships with past, present, and future customers to lead to more sales and more referrals.

Most people I speak to though believe that getting discovered on LinkedIn is a fluke. It’s not! It is a social media platform after all, just like Google, one that uses a complicated algorithm to filter results, according to metrics like company, experience, seniority level, location, etc.

You can optimize your LinkedIn profile to boost your profile views and make meaningful connections. It starts with understanding how to make that first impression work in your favour. My course, Spark: Igniting A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed is my comprehensive, seven-module course that does just that.


Igniting A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed

A 7 Module Course with Bite Sized Videos

Build and sustain solid relationships that generate more sales and referrals.

Build your brand to attract your ideal client and specific audience.

Control your own narrative and how you want people to see you and your business.

Remember, LinkedIn today is way more than just another place for your resume. It can also stand alone as your personal website and launch you into new markets. It all begins with a well-crafted and polished profile that stands out and shines.

Through Spark: Igniting A LinkedIn Profile That Gets You Noticed I teach you the exact step-by-step approach to craft your profile in a way that instantly stands out and connects with your ideal clients and strategic partners.

It’s designed with your busy life in mind. You can either set aside 2 hours to work through the entire training or take it video by video in bite-sized chunks. You’ll also have a checklist to follow along to ensure you don’t miss a thing!

We’re going to go over each part of your profile and I’ll be guiding you, and giving recommendations based on my over 20 years of teaching and training experience that I charge my clients thousands of dollars for.


Ready To Get Discovered on The Most Important
Business Platform in The World?

Build and Sustain A LinkedIn Profile That Leads To More Sales and Referrals

Are you ready to dig in and create a new LinkedIn profile that tells your life story?
A LinkedIn profile that helps you stand out and get noticed?
One that will help you build and sustain business relationships, generate more sales and referrals?

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What People Are Saying About Janice Porter

Relevant Information At a Quick Pace

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of Janice's LinkedIn workshops. Janice packed the two-hour workshop with relevant information and kept a quick pace. I came away with a lot of valuable information to make my LinkedIn site more attractive to clients. I can't wait to put her information and advice to work for my business. I highly recommend Janice as a fabulous networker and a great LinkedIn facilitator.

Mary K., Career/Business Coach MLK Consulting

A Great Teacher with a Proven System

I just completed Janice's LinkedIn training. As a LinkedIn neophyte, I was concerned that I would feel overwhelmed and unable to keep up. The first week, I was super proud of myself for completing all the tasks Janice assigned. She had explained what to do so well that I felt competent and self-assured - two words I would never have expected to feel.

Jan J. - Sales Trainer, Business Coach, Money Coach

An Invaluable Resource for LinkedIn Help

In less than 2 hours, Janice was able to update my LinkedIn profile, and information to make my site so much more professional! It now shows what my business is all about, as well as my passion for what I am doing. She is an invaluable resource for any LinkedIn help and I highly encourage you to reach out to her!

Melinda R. – Advocate for Women in Motorsports | Event Producer | Podcaster | Publisher

My “Go To” Person for Business Perspectives and Ideas

It's hard to narrow down the respect and admiration I have for Janice. She is absolutely detail oriented, highly intelligent and sharp! She is my "go to" person for help with business perspectives and ideas. When I need honest and constructive criticism, Janice is the one. A unique individual who can speak with anyone on nearly any topic and "see" things that you never thought of. I highly recommend her as a trusted mentor and business consultant.

Steve P., President Spinpoint Marketing

Her Strong Service Orientation Coupled with her Attention to Detail Saved me Time

Janice provided the much-needed guidance and knowledge required to elevate my LinkedIn profile. Her strong service orientation coupled with her attention to detail saved me time- something I greatly value and appreciate. I would not hesitate to recommend Janice’s services!

Kim S. – Experienced Retail Executive | Asst Vice President | Regional Strategist

Wonderful Advice on Building Connections

I have been thinking that my LinkedIn profile was a little stale, and that I was not using the platform effectively. Thankfully I discovered Janice, who helped me craft a better introduction to myself on LinkedIn, and also helped with some wonderful advice on building connections and relationships, not only on LinkedIn, but those oh so important in person relationships. I highly recommend Janice for improving your LinkedIn experience and relationship building skills!

Larry H. – Senior Executive | Financial & Strategic Leader | MBA |

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